Sweet hummingbird with fresh water pearls - Hadley Pollet

Sweet hummingbird with fresh water pearls

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Hummingbirds, in their seemingly carefree and happy flight, remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Also, because they often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner. There is something magical about their colors, shape and the way hummingbirds move, as if they are reminding us to seek out the magic in life. Painted in powerful red and paired with delicate fresh water pearls reminds us that fresh perspective is what we always need. 

1 1/8 inch length hand carved, hand painted gourd laid in sterling silver and strung on a 16 inch necklace of fresh water pearls with a gorgeous pearl clasp. This necklace is the epitome of slow fashion, sustainable, and fair trade. It takes many days for one artisan to carve the gourd. And over a week to complete the necklace entirely. When you buy our Paradiso jewelry, you are supporting to artisans worldwide.