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Celebrating Vibrancy and Artistry: Hadley Pollet in the Spotlight

Welcome to our buzzing "In the News" corner. This is where we get to share all the cool spots where Hadley Pollet has been turning heads in the media. It's not just about fashion for us; it's about weaving stories, lifting up incredible artisans, and sprinkling color and happiness around the world.

The New York Times highlights Hadley Pollet's vibrant and colorful belts as a fresh and fashionable accessory. The piece emphasizes how these belts, with their unique designs and ribbons, have become a sought-after item, adding a touch of whimsy and color to any outfit.

Boston Magazine showcases Hadley Pollet's flair for combining fashion with entertaining. It delves into how she infuses her signature colorful and bold style into her family gatherings at Martha's Vineyard, creating memorable and stylish events that reflect her unique design sensibilities.

WWD discusses the rising trend of soft fabric and scarf belts in the fashion industry, highlighting Hadley Pollet as a key player. It notes how her sales have tripled, with her signature reversible cotton intarsia belts becoming a hit in stores like Bergdorf Goodman and in the Garnet Hill catalogue.

New Canaan Advertiser highlights Hadley Pollet, a New Canaan High School alumna, delivered the keynote speech and showcased her fashion designs at the National Charity League’s Mother Daughter Tea in 2020. Renowned for her timeless designs that inspire women's empowerment, Pollet's journey began with her unique belt designs during her time at the Rhode Island School of Design, leading to the creation of her lifestyle brand for spirited and powerful women.

GoSolo interviews Hadley Pollet and reveals her journey creating a lifestyle brand focused on self-expression and empowerment. Starting with belts that symbolize hope, her business expanded to a full fashion line, gaining acclaim for ethical practices and artisan support. Her pride lies in uplifting global artisan communities and advocating for women's equality in production​. 

StarCentral Magazine describes Hadley Pollet as a visionary American designer, known for her classic, timeless creations that empower and inspire women. Starting with her signature belts at Rhode Island School of Design, she grew her brand to include a diverse range of products like handbags, jewelry, athletic wear, and apparel. Pollet's designs, imbued with hope and happiness, are crafted with a commitment to sustainability and economic empowerment of women worldwide. She actively contributes to various organizations, aiming to inspire young women to become future leaders.

New Canaanite features Hadley Pollet, a New Canaan High School alumna, who has returned to her hometown after an impressive career. Having graduated from New Canaan High School in 1988, Pollet's journey led her through NYU and Boston before attending RISD, which sparked her successful venture into fashion design. Her commitment to women's empowerment and local community engagement, including supporting organizations like LiveGirl, exemplifies her dedication to inspiring young women and girls in her community.

The Vineyard Gazette features Hadley Pollet, a fashion designer, supporting Connect's fight against domestic violence. Pollet, resonating with Connect's mission, launched her collection at a fundraiser. Known for her empowering belts, her designs mirror her evolution from a Rhode Island School of Design student to a globally recognized designer. Pollet's involvement highlights her dedication to women's empowerment and her vision of fashion as a tool for raising social awareness.

Darcy P. Smith Creative captures Hadley Pollet's commitment to female empowerment through a fashion show that benefitted LiveGirl, an organization dedicated to empowering young girls. Pollet's event in New Canaan featured her fashion line, where her signature zinnia and vibrant patterns were showcased. The show, supporting LiveGirl's mission, highlighted Pollet's dedication to equality and lifting women worldwide, echoing her own brand's ethos of timeless connectivity and empowerment.


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