How to Build A Sustainable Wardrobe in 4 Steps

Fast fashion, environmental degradation, and overconsumption are major threats to our planet!

Luckily, you don’t need to make radical shifts in your current routine to build a closet that does good. Here are some simple ways to build a fashion-forward, earth-loving wardrobe! 

1. Get creative and accessorize your staples 


Buying less clothing is the #1 way to build a sustainable closet. Recreating simple outfits with versatile, fun accessories is a fool-proof way to freshen up your closet without carelessly spending on trendy clothes that you’ll only wear once!  You’ll get tons of wears out of a quality purse, belt, or necklace. Don’t doubt the longevity of a good pair of jeans and you’ll be surprised how far a white or black tank top can really go! 

2. Invest in items that will last and you absolutely adore 


Grandma had it right all along. Invest in clothes and accessories that are in it for the long haul! That means you should only be purchasing items that are durable and built to last. Im so happy that so many of my customers have called to tell me that they collect our belts and have had them for 20 years! Oh, and if you don’t love it, forget about it! Stop buying meh items and only go for pieces that you are absolutely in love with!

3. Purchase from brands that give you peace of mind 


Make sure to prioritize sustainable fashion by only purchasing from transparent brands that pay their workers fair wages.  Make sure the brand you’re wearing accounts for environmental issues including resource consumption, waste, and equity into their practices! We all know that fast fashion is a huge no, no! But don’t think environmental damaging practices are only carried out by large corporations. More expensive, smaller retailers oftentimes resort to unethical practices to cut corners, so make sure to do your research before you buy! 

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4. A new set of eyes will make any item new again!


Unsure about something in your wardrobe but want to keep it out of a landfill? Give something a new life by giving it to your mom, sister, friend, or coworker! Don’t dump it or let a corporation utilize it for profit! Everyone loves getting something new…even if it isn’t… from a close loved one! Plus, they’ll always think of you whenever they wear it! 

Sharing is a big win for you, her, and the planet! 


Remember, sustainable fashion is the only way to protect our beautiful planet and the abundant resources she gives us! As consumers, we must mindfully spend our dollars to support sustainable and ethical practices.


Thanks for reading!

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