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CoVID ~ Compassion, Kindness, Caring

CoVID is a call for compassion, kindness, caring and love.  Masks for whomever needs them In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was looking for ways to help in...

CoVID is a call for compassion, kindness, caring and love. 

Masks for whomever needs them

In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was looking for ways to help in any way I could. Out of frustration, I posted on my personal Facebook page and through that post, we were able to make and to donate 5,000 reusable masks with N95 filters to Drs and Nurses on the front lines, women’s shelters and Indian reservations across the country.


Following that, an organization called From Fashion with Love called me to donate leggings to the Nurses on the frontlines in NYC. Empathizing with all the trauma and hurt the Nurses were seeing and carrying, we decided to up the ante and add an oasis of peace to the leggings - a QR code with a five minute downloadable visualization for the nurses to relax. Since I am an avid mediator as well as a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, I recorded one of my favorite ways to calm the mind. 

Relaxing the mind and release stress is the only way through this time is critical. We are all going through a collective trauma, and the Nurses are going through it more so than anyone else as they’re the primary caregivers to the sick in hospitals.  

You can sit back and take a listen to the visualization here if you like. And download it to your phone for later listening via this QR code: 

In a time of uncertainty, we reflect on the core that our brand was founded on. In the midst of chaos, we strive to not only convey hope and happiness, but also to inspire women to radiate the power of kindness despite the negativity in our world.

Weeks later, we met Kaycee 

I woke up at 5 am to Kaycee, a nurse from AZ who is volunteering in NYC, and her uplifting Instagram feed with these incredible photos of hope and fearlessness in our leggings. Those of you who know me, know I couldn’t have picked a better message myself. I asked Kaycee if we could tell her story and she kindly agreed. 

The following is her amazing story texted to me:

I’m out here from Phoenix, AZ. I decided to come to NY because as a nurse I felt like it was my duty to run to those in need rather than away. My job back home was super slow since elective neurosurgeries were canceled and staying there felt to me like withholding/ hoarding resources. I made the decision to come help since I knew how bad the help was needed here. I knew if it was the other way around I would want others to come help us. My boss didn’t understand that and actually fired me for leaving to help! I feel like there has been a shift in the need for help. But it’s for sure still needed, so I plan to be here until that changes! 5 weeks down when I planned to come for 21 days.

So getting these leggings was actually huge for me because I didn’t pack anything to wear besides scrubs and pajamas because I didn’t anticipate being here this long!


Kaycee is now back in AZ working on the front lines of CoVID there. Join us in sending her our love and admiration for all the compassionate work she continues to do. 


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