Style As a Way to Take Up Space


For too long, women have been encouraged to stay silent and small just to keep the peace. We’re told it’s okay to disrespect our own boundaries to make other people comfortable.

We’re told to tone it down, cover it up, and dress our age.

All this talk kills our enthusiasm, making us hide away and wear whatever fits just because its there— which definitely doesn't make us feel good at all. 

Through the ages, however, personal style has been used as an act of resistance— a mode of inspiration moving us to take up space, speak up louder, and fall deeply in love with our divine bodies.  

Here is how style help us come home to ourselves…

With style, you don't need anyone's approval by your own. 

Having a personal style inspires us to listen to ourselves and follow our true essence. If we feel free-spirited, sexy, playful, or effervescent, we ought to dress that way regardless of what anyone has to say. When cultivating our personal style by wearing exactly what we want, our confidence and inner light is restored, giving us the vital energy necessary to truly connect to the world around. 

It’s okay to be multicolored in a world full of neutrals. 

 Neutral inspired businesswear seems to be having its moment now. And though we’re not knocking this trend in any way, we understand that this color palette and structure may feel limiting to the nonconformists like us out there! Style isn’t about what gets the most likes on Instagram; style should reflect who you really are. And if polychromatic, rich hues better reveal the colors of your soul, so be it! We get it—our souls are sure as hell not beige or pale gray!

 Nothing but the best is good enough for you.  

The days of entertaining low effort in your life are over! That goes for love, friendship, AND fashion! Little details matter and materials with a intricate levels of craftsmanship and flair speak directly to your heart. Always remember that you deserve a life and wardrobe abundant in quality and refinement to match your value. When you forget who you are, remember the old Sinatra song; nothing but the best is good enough for me!


Thanks so much for reading! We hope you remember that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or wear what everyone else is wearing! And please never, ever apologize for taking up space!

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