Shine Bright This Summer

Everyone can probably agree that we are all flowers coming out of hibernation the summer, ripe for blooming after the turmoil of last year.

The pandemic left us all wanting to express ourselves even more than ever before and, thankfully, we have have what you need in order to blossom uniquely and stylishly into your best possible self.

This summer, gear up for those long awaited trips to Europe, Nantucket, Maine, Hawaii, or elsewhere with these summer style suggestions from yours truly, Hadley Pollet.

Signature Reversible Belts

hadley pollet belt
You can never go wrong with one of Hadley’s signature belts. These belts are bold, colorful, reversible, and designed to add color and individuality to any look. Whether you're looking to accessorize a classic pair of white jeans or a show-stopping tutu skirt, you can't go wrong with this versatile piece.

Departure Totes

hadley pollet departure travel totes
Everyone who's caught the travel bug since the end of the pandemic will be in need of a versatile and stylish tote and we can think of none better than our fan-favorite Departure Totes.

These bags are a dream for travelers with their ergonomic design, multiple pockets, and (of course) stunning unique patterns. We're all about putting the "fun" in functionality.

Peek-a-boo Clutch

hadley pollet peekaboo clutch

When it comes to creating the perfect going-out look, look no further than our Peek-a-boo Clutches. With their two finger slide feature, you can grab your wine in one hand and hold our clutch in the other.

It's worth noting that all of the photos in this post were taken in New York City. Despite the troubles we've all faced, we believe that New York will be making a comeback this year like no other. After all, the city never sleeps and we can think of few better places to flaunt your self-expression and creativity. Come and see us!

As you begin to bloom this summer, think of our accessories as the petals to your glorious flower. You've managed to blossom through adversity and you deserve to shine in a way that's fabulously and uniquely you. 

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