Quarantine Chic

 It's time to chat quarantine chic. If you're like me, you may miss the days of dressing up. I love the entire process of painting clothing and accessories on myself for an event. That being said, staying home more, doesn't mean you can't shine your creative light through what you chose to wear now that we've experienced a shift in our location.

You are the artist and every day is day of delightful creation of self expression!  I've pulled together a few of my favorite looks for everyone to see how to color fun into your socially distant days.  
Add sneakers to a fav dress for dining al fresco add a dash of sparkles with with a simple clutch and voila!  
A simple necklace can transform a white top anywhere - for zoom meetings, hanging at home, you name it. Hand carved and painted by women in the Andes mountains, this one with songbirds and flowers depicting hope is an inspiration to me during CoVID times. 
Who said leggings were for working out only?  We're hearing from customers near and far, that our leggings are serving as a backdrop for many CoVID outfit options. 

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