Pouvoir de Femme

Nurturing the power of compassion and force of ethics.

There’s a feminine energy rising in the world, an energy that cannot be denied. Mother Earth is healing through the pandemic crisis. Her animals, plants, soil, waters are thriving. Women have intrinsically known that we need this healing for decades and they’ve been sounding the alarm – our earth, sentient beings and its children need more care. Humanity needs nurturing. Everyone needs more love. Every woman knows this deep in her soul.
A correction in the fashion industry is being accelerated via CoVID. Brand erosion has resulted in a massive Retail Apocalypse for most fashion brands. Many influencers never delivered their promises and were not held accountable. There's a clutter of sameness in the world due to mass-merchandising licensing deals through the same group of producers and catalogues. No matter where you shop, every product line looks the same. The same licensors and factories are making the same things with different brand names on them. The CFDA and British Fashion Council are calling for a new way for designers to showcase their stuff. 
At Hadley Pollet, we have seen this coming for a looooooong time, which is why 15 years ago we began working with female artisans and female owned factories around the world. It is out of that work that we partnered with Total Role for Society to create Pouvoir de Femme. 
Pouvoir de Femme is a non-for-profit entity promoting equality for all worldwide. We work to create programs for women and children around the world to tip the male feminine energy back into the balance the world so desperately needs. Programs to date include educating and working with female artisans in Peru and Asia, creating a mask donation project for women's shelters across the country, educating young women on their abilities to change the world, and a speaker series for Hadley. There is A LOT more to come that we cannot discuss now, however stay tuned for what is going to be a ground breaking program that is already changing the paradigm of the fashion world. 

We believe it takes a balance of men and women, sustainability and ethics to nurture the equalization of feminine and masculine energies in the world. Pouvoir de Femme will direct best gender equality practices (not only for humans, but the earth and this Universe) across all pillars of Total Role for Society, its parent non-for-profit. We are charged with changing the paradigm of feminism and activism so it takes into account not only feminist programs but also dives deeper than male and female to include Mother Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Universe balancing all her darkness and light, whether it be feminine or masculine. 

For equanimity to exist, there is a middle resting place where peace lies amidst – devoid of all human definitions of our “rights,” embodying love and light. Pouvoir De Femme’s mission is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

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