Destiny Handbag Collection

The destiny of a woman must be shaped to a large extent by her own conception of her spiritual imperative and her place in society.  Introducing the handcrafted Destiny Collection from Hadley Pollet. Preorder today and become one of the first to add a work of art to your handbag collection. 

Our Destiny Collection of handbags is a limited edition collection of bags where we make only a few of each style. We believe there is too much sameness in the world and not enough focus on each souls individual destiny and their soul expression of it. Each piece, is classically designed with the utmost detail, making them a handbag collectors dream. 

At Hadley Pollet, we believe in slow, sustainable fashion - from classic accessories that last a lifetime to the quality of sourcing. The Destiny handbag line is made by a lovely small factory in Taiwan owned by two women. We know when women do well economically, society does better as a whole. Your purchase of one of these bags contributes to uplifting women economically and therefore makes the world a better place.