Our one + only Muse Mia

Our one + only Muse Mia

Muse Mia

We begin our blog covering fierce femmes with my one and only muse who has been a close friend + confidant of mine for over 12 years. Half Taiwanese, half Irish, fluent in Spanish and smarter than all of our minds put together - today, at only twenty three years old, Mia Lin is told all the time she is going to be the first female president of the United States. And you better believe it! Call me a fortune teller, but it's my belief that one day this post will be hailed as reading the tea leaves of Mia Lin's future by media worldwide as she ascends to the position of the most powerful woman alive.

Aside from being President of her class for four years at Framingham High as well as valedictorian, and a studnet at Harvard, Mia is asked to speak to people on a regular basis about a number of inspiring topics from politics, to women's + mental health issues to ethics.

Currently working for Senator Markey of Massachusetts, Mia is a woman dedicated to making an impact and inspiring other females interested in politics and making a difference in their local community. “it is one thing to say you are about something, but it is another thing to actually BE about something,” Mia says when discussing the political field. Mia makes it her passion to work with other female politicians and practices building women up and teaching them skills to make them more effective advocates.

During her experience in DC, Mia has seen an age gap in active citizens of the local community. She wants to encourage young women to support their local community and search for opportunities that may be available to them. “Get up and put yourself out there. There will never be an experience that you will not learn something from.”

Mia has and will continue to inspire women to be active citizens and realize they can make true difference in politics. We are fortunate enough to be inspired by Mia every day. We hope you, too, have learned from her confidence and drive, and we hope you remember to vote Mia for president in future elections!