Go and Live Girl!

Go and Live Girl!

Honoring Change Maker Sheri West

On May 12th from 4:30-6 pm, 200 women and their daughters will descend on The Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, CT to celebrate and support a dear friend of mine, Sheri West, and her organization, LiveGirl, a girls' empowerment program in Fairfield County, Connecticut. As part of the event, we are hosting a fashion show that will feature Sheri, her daughter Liv, and many other inspiring women who support LiveGirl while also making an impact in their own communities around the greater New York City area. 

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This feature about Sheri is the first of many that will feature fierce women who will walk the show, including authors, yoga teachers, educators, race car drivers + journalists. All coming together during Mother’s Day weekend to sing, dance, walk, explore art, shop + celebrate the future generation of female leaders.

About LiveGirl

LiveGirl’s mission is to empower girls through year-round leadership development and mentoring programs. Since founding four years ago, they’ve enrolled over 1,400 girls in the area. Their programs help build self-confidence, leadership skills, as well as social and emotional intelligence, while providing a “brave space” that invites young women to bring their true vulnerable selves into discussions, while also introducing them to diverse role models.

“I want to open the girls to a world of possibilities,” Sheri says. With speakers who are CEOs, politicians, and racecar drivers, LiveGirl provides an opportunity for young girls to embrace their full potential and discover all their options for their future. The results? Incredible.

Powerful Inspiration for Future Leaders

One of Sheri’s most memorable moments of LiveGirl was when Connecticut Congresswoman for the district of Stamford, Caroline Simmons, spoke to a group of 80 girls at one of the seminars. At the beginning of the talk, Caroline asked the girls how many of them would consider running for office — only three girls raised their hands. Continuing with the talk, Caroline discussed her own journey as well as the one other women in a similar position to her have. At the end of the talk, she asked the same question again — who would run for office? This time, every girl in the room raised their hand.

This is just one of the many influential and powerful moments LiveGirl has to offer to young women. LiveGirl encourages young girls to step outside their comfort zone and support one another in their journeys to discover themselves.

Because, as Sheri West says, “When women come together, their impact is unstoppable.”

Mother Daughter Inspiration

In the spirit of our fast approaching Mother’s Day fete to honor LiveGirl, we asked Sheri + her daughter Liv to share with us what inspires them most about each other.

"Olivia possesses a beyond her years self-awareness and is true to her self. She is unflappable and uses her positive, kind, passionate core as a compass to navigate and guide her decision making. She inspires me to be the best leader, mom and citizen that I can be." - Sheri West
"My mother is a beacon of positivity and girl empowerment, directly inspiring girls daily through her thought provoking words, actions and leadership. I’m so fortunate to be able to have this dedicated, determined, downright awesome woman as my mother." -Olivia West  

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