Hadley Pollet is a contemporary American designer from New Canaan, Connecticut  known for her timeless accessories that inspire kind, powerful women to shine strong.

Hadley’s signature belt designs sprung from inspiration while at Rhode Island School of Design. Her unique style caught the eyes of many when she wore a belt made of vintage ribbon and a buckle out to a birthday party in Boston where several people asked where she got the belt. Since then, her line has exploded with extensive press coverage, and exposure in high end stores worldwide, quickly  growing from just belts into a lifestyle brand including handbags, jewelry and homegoods made with Hadley’s copyrighted textile designs.

The line is available worldwide, with fans throughout the US, Japan, Taiwan, Iceland, France, England, Peru and Iceland.

Her inspiration for not only her business, but also her business's purpose was discovered after 9/11. Hadley felt propelled to channel the chaos going on politically, economically, and socially into something positive and uplifting. After several years of working in marketing and public relations for textile and fashion companies, in January 2002 Hadley Pollet launched her own line belts made with copyrighted textiles that conveyed hope and happiness.  

 Hadley and her signature designs inspire women to radiate the power of kindness despite the ongoing negativity in our world. She prides herself for creating a brand that represents self expression, empowerment, and confidence by igniting an emotional desire for women to feel spiritually uplifted when dressing. Her brand is known to deliver women the ability to express themselves wholeheartedly, whether someone is a hippie, downright preppy or both. Her hope is that every day, women wake up and dress as the best form of their spiritual selves, expressing themselves brightly.

Hadley’s designs create a love affair with her customers through an intimate dialogue of multi-sensory elements in every design. Every pattern and every touch point with her customers fosters both an emotional anchor with her fans, as well as a spiraling up of attitudes and behaviors in society.

Every touchstone of the brand includes helping lift up women and girls, including involvement with programs such as Live Girl in New Canaan, CT, and Connect to end violence in Martha’s Vineyard, inspirational speaking engagements and training and working with female artisans worldwide. Hadley Pollet is dedicated to aiding and inspiring young women to be future leaders of the world.